Association Management


When it comes to the peaceful enjoyment of your home and getting everything you deserve there should be no compromises when it comes to your management company. Chances are, if you live in a managed association you have experienced a lot of broken promises and a level of service that falls short of your expectations. Apogee offers association management through Apogee Association Services.

At Apogee our reputation has been built with complete customer satisfaction. Apogee has been called upon to “rescue” associations from a variety of issues ranging from inaccurate and untimely financial reporting to ineffective on-site management.

At Apogee, we focus on the fundamentals:

  • Communication – there is never a time you can’t get the answers you need.
  • Customer Service – our on-site staff will spend time at your site and not just drive through it…we go the extra mile for all of our Associations.
  • Timely Financial Reporting – accurate, timely, and accessible.
  • Professional Staffing – from management to maintenance you always get our best.
  • Versatility – from luxury high rise buildings to smaller boutique properties.
  • Tailored Services – we tailor our services based on your budget and needs.

Added Value for All of Our Clients:

  • Client Web Pages – each client is provided with their own web page..
  • Preferred Vendors – a comprehensive list of quality service technicians.
  • Customer Satisfaction – we don’t lose clients and we stand behind our work.
  • Apogee Community – through The CJ Foundation, Apogee provides scholarships to graduating students at local high schools.


We are confident in our abilities…very confident.

The Apogee Approach to Association Management

The condominium boom in recent years has created the need for quality management companies that understand the inner workings of Home Owners’ and Condominium Associations. Apogee has taken the skills and experience from the years of rental property management and created the optimal offering for Associations in Florida.

The key to Apogee’s success in association management begins with a genuine appreciation of each individual homeowner and the numerous challenges the Board of Directors are faced with. That is where experience and compassion become so vital in creating the positive environment that keeps everyone smiling and placing the intricacies of managing the property in the hands of people who know how it is done.

Apogee focuses on working closely with the Board of Directors to plot the course that best serves the property and the individual owners. Our uncommon ability to adapt to the uniqueness and the specific needs of each property has set us apart from the competition. We approach each association as its own special entity no matter how large or how small. That flexibility and diversity allows Apogee to manage associations that have hundreds of owners as well as boutique properties with as few as 25 owners.

By utilizing the experience of our Association Regional Managers and Property Managers we can accommodate the hours and needs as dictated by the budget and what the board requests. Keeping the property in pristine condition is our primary objective, which is accomplished through Apogee’s versatile maintenance staff and by monitoring the performance of outside vendors. Apogee managed Associations also benefit from our buying power for vendors, insurance and other commonly purchased services that save the Association valuable dollars.

Apogee offers the most complete and comprehensive services available and handles everything including staffing, accounting, monthly financial reports, contracting of vendors, maintenance and professional recommendations to the board when requested.

But perhaps the best news is the peace of mind Apogee can provide to Associations, which allows owners to do what they like to do best and that is enjoy the quiet comfort of their home. Make the place you call home everything it deserves to be with Apogee.

Hear what others are saying about Apogee:

“You don’t know the difference until you know the difference – and there is a difference!”

“The past two management companies our Association hired did not produce what they said they would. Our financial reports were not only late but they were not even close to being accurate. Apogee has done everything they said they would and more and we are very satisfied with the relationship we have with them.”

“The principals of Apogee run a tight ship and they have their integrity in the right place. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any Association that demands things be done right.”

“We got so tired of being told one thing and then experiencing something quite different with previous management companies. The people at Apogee do what they say and get the job done.”