Apogee World Class Benefits Program

Apogee is committed to providing its employees the finest and most comprehensive benefits in the industry. We know the value of our people and we are proud to offer the very best benefits package we can.

Health Insurance

Apogee is proud to offer one of the best benefit programs in the industry. We offer three competitive and rich health plans with one of the largest insurance carriers in the nation and dental programs with Lincoln Financial Group at minimal cost to our Apogee Associates. All benefits are active after successfully completing a 60-day introductory period. Apogee strives on providing the best benefits to our associates and we are constantly working on adding to our World Class Benefit Program.

Dental Insurance

Apogee’s dental benefits are through Lincoln Financial Group. We offer a DMO dental plan as well as a DPO plan. Both plans have great coverage and are very popular with our Associates.

Life Insurance

Apogee provides all associates with a $30,000 life insurance policy, after a 60-day introductory period.

Long Term Disability

All Associates are provided with long-term disability of up to $2,500.00 per month. Long Term Disability activates after you have completed your 60-day waiting period. For additional information on Long Term Disability please contact the Human Resources Department.

Voluntary Benefits

We are partnered with United Health Care and American Public Life to offer our Associates the following additional voluntary benefits:

  • Vision
  • Additional Life Insurance
  • Spouse Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life
  • Hospital Supplement
  • Cancer Supplement
  • Accident Expense Plan

Paid Time Off (PTO) Program

Apogee has adopted a very generous paid time off program for its associates based on years of service with the Company. The amount of PTO that an Associate receives each year increases with the length of their active employment as shown in the following schedule:

  • Upon initial eligibility the Associate is entitled up to 120 PTO hours each year; accrued semi-monthly at the rate of 5.00 hours.
  • After five years of continued service, the Associate is entitled up to 160 PTO hours per year; accrued semi-monthly at the rate of 6.67 hours.

Associates Living On-site

Certain full-time Associates employed for at least three (3) months shall be entitled to a 20% Associate discount off from the market rent (based on the then market rent for a base one-bedroom unit, irrespective of the unit type the Associate will be residing in) so long as they are:

  1. A full-time Associate of the Company
  2. The Company still owns and/or manages for the ownership of the property
  3. The ownership will allow the discount for the Associate at the community at the expense of the ownership
  4. The Associate meets the applicable requirements for residency at the community
  5. The community is not a community either being converted to condominium units or is an existing condominium property.

Most of our communities participate in our discount incentive.

Employee Referral Program

Associates have the opportunity to earn a bonus in their paycheck by referring an employee to work for Apogee. To be eligible for this bonus the person being referred must work for the Company for at least 90 days and have listed the Associate as the person that referred them to the Company.

New Business Referral Program

Because Apogee values hard work and dedication from its Associates, we have created a referral program that provides an incentive for new business referrals given by employees. For additional details on this program, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Apogee Wellness Program

There are many more benefits available to our employees. Please inquire within. *Apogee reserves the right to change benefits plans without notice.