What experience and education do I need to apply for a position?

Go to Careers to view Job Descriptions. Click on the job description for the position you would like to apply for and view the education and experience requirements.

How quickly can I advance myself within the company?

That all depends on your effort, ability and what position you aspire to obtain. We are constantly looking for great people to fill vital roles over the next several years. Apogee promotes talent! 

How does Apogee show their employees they are valued and appreciated?

Apogee is very active in Employee Appreciation. We participate in Employee of the Month to recognize employees that have outstanding performance. We also show our employees we appreciate them by rewarding them with pizza parties, company events, and annual awards. Apogee cares about its employees and is always trying to improve in employee appreciation. Please also take an opportunity to view the benefits section of our Web page that outlines many of the additional benefits that we offer our Associates. 

I would like to relocate to a state where you have an opportunity… do you cover moving expenses?

The individual typically covers moving expenses; however, there may be exceptions in particular situations. 

I don't have any experience in property management at this time… would you still consider me for employment?

Certainly! Although some positions do require previous experience, that experience can be gained by taking on an entry-level position within the company. Any service-oriented experience is a huge plus. For example, if you have restaurant or hotel experience, many of the skills you learned there will apply to property management. If you have the knack for working with people, are motivated and willing to learn, we can teach you the rest. 

What are you looking for in the ideal candidate?

Someone that is not afraid of hard work, has an outgoing personality, understands what great service is all about and someone that really enjoys working with people. We are looking for people that have a get it done mentality and want to advance in their careers. 

What type of compensation can be expected?

That will depend on the position you apply for, the location of that position and your previous experience. Our compensation packages are in line with industry standards but when combined with the Apogee’s benefit program our offerings are “second to none.” We strongly encourage you to be honest about your salary requirements in the application process so we can quickly identify a match. 

What is the hiring process?

Submit your resume for the position and location you are interested in. We will then contact applicants that meet our criteria to set a phone interview. After a successful phone interview you will be asked to attend a live interview with the person in charge of hiring that position. For certain positions an additional interview may be required. Once you have completed your interviews we will submit a job offer to you via e-mail if you are the right person for the job. 

What type of Educational Assistance does the company provide?

This is on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the company. Apogee promotes continued education of its employees and makes accommodations of such. 

Do you have a training program?

Apogee has a full-time Corporate Trainer dedicated in such that all employees are trained in their respective positions and that ongoing training is provided. 

Does Apogee donate to any non-profits?

Yes, Apogee is always looking to help a good cause. If you read about our company on our website you will see that the Founder and CEO is also the Founder of The CJ Foundation for Children in Need who are suffering from autism or cancer. Apogee is committed to “Giving Back” to the communities we service.  Please click here for The CJ Foundation and learn more about how serious Apogee is about helping those who are less fortunate.